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Myy 4 1/2 mo old fights naps suring the day and sleeps good at night.  We trying very hard to get him used to his crib bc he has been sleeping w mommy abd daddy- any suggestions??

Re: Naps

  • when i transferred DD to her crib at 8 weeks old it took a few days. maybe only like 3 though. at first, her naps were only like 20 minutes long. but, the next day, they were like 45 minutes long. then the next day, they were an hour and 15 minutes. it just took some getting used to, but she did it. stick with it. it's heavenly having her in her own room with her sound machine blaring. we can get so much more done around the house knowing she's in her own little world in her bedroom and can't hear us making dinner or whatever lol...and we don't have to creep into our bedroom at night anymore! 
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