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Moms of Girls - what brand of underwear?

My DD is having trouble finding underwear that she finds comfortable. Can you recommend your brand? We've tried disney and sonoma.
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Re: Moms of Girls - what brand of underwear?

  • We got DD's at Costco. Not sure of the brand but it has Hello Kitty and Princesses on them. So maybe Disney? She's never complained about them being uncomfortable but my friend's DS did so my friend bought him the next size bigger. She said they were a little baggy in the tush but never slid down or anything. Maybe she needs them bigger?
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  • Children's place. Also gymboree.

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  • Fruit of the Loom - Bikinis, Hipsters or Low Rise Briefs. My girls hate high rise anything and hate hate hate wedgies. It took a while to find something that didn't irritate them in some way. These work.

  • She has a package of boy shorts that don't ride up. They are Hanes, I think.
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  • image-auntie-:

    Hanna Andersson.

    Expensive but wonderful.

    This! DD#1 had issues with underwear about a year ago and someone on here recommended them. I was hesitant because they are so expensive so I only bought 2 pairs at the time. Now all she wears are Hanna Andersson and she loves them!

  • Whatever undies are on sale.  DD is not picky, I do tend to put her in a size that is roomy enough though.  She almost ready to go into a size 7/8 so that is what grandma is buying her... FUN X-mas present, huh!
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  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I think I may bite the bullet and get the hanna anderssons - even thought i would never even spend that much on underwear for myself! :) Do your girls like the hipsters or the big granny panty style? I'm leaning toward granny panty to be on the safe side of comfort. :)
    DD 4yo DS 1yo
  • My DD has always been skinny.  Hanes bikini underwear work well for her.  They're form fitting but not too tight, and they are low enough that they don't stick out of the top of jeans.

    My DD always wears a size smaller in underwear than in pants.  She wore size 4 undies until she was about 7.  She's 12 now and wears a juniors size 0/1 skinny, but she wears size 12 underwear. 

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  • Most of ours are Old Navy/Gap (basically the same thing, the Gap cotton is a little thicker). 

    I bought a pack of Circo boyshort-style ones for DD1 from Target, and she really likes those. I don't know if it's because they're more comfy or because they're new, though!


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