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How clean is your house?

Am I the only one who goes to bed with both sides of the sink full of crusty dishes, laundry thrown all over the couch? I'm just too tired. I feel like a failure  :(
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Re: How clean is your house?

  • My houses is so clean on every other tuesday...after the cleaning lady leaves :) Don't beat yourself up! When you've got babies to take care of all the other stuff is just not important! As they get older it gets easier to get back into a normal cleaning routine and get stuff done around the house but just do what you can and let the other stuff will always be there but your babies won't always be this little! Easier said then done I know for us supermoms who want to do/be it all for everyone!
  • my house is cleanish.  Since my hips have been having issues walking up and down the steps has been pretty much a no no.  ESPECIALLY after I fell.  Laundry is done only because MIL came over.  If not it would be on the card table.  so no.. you aren't a failure.  
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  • My house is clean enough. I have housework that I split out so I have a few small things to do each day, bit if they don't I don't go crazy. I wouldn't want MIL or the president to come over, but it is clean enough for random people stopping by. 
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  • Around 28 weeks pregnant we hired a cleaning girl, my husband wasn't doing it and physically couldn't. I've kept her because working with these twins daily there's no time and the house must be clean. We also have a cat. As far as dishes I make it a point before bed to load the dishwasher. I do baby laundry in the morning. It's a routine I set since day one. It's hard especially if you don't have help.
  • Oh girrrrrl, you haven't seen anything until you've seen my house!! About 9 loads of clean laundry on the couch, sink full of dishes, desperately need to sweep and vacuum, and christmas decorations half put up... Yeah, it just doesn't get done like it used to! I just have a good laugh about it. Heck, I have a good excuse!!


  • mine's half a mess, and that's with a bi weekly cleaning lady and DH home from school. Dishes are usually mostly done and laundry is folded at times but usually stacked up in a clean basket. stacked up taller then my 5 year old I might add. there's crap everywhere. I feel like I start something, then someone needs something and it has to wait.

    in other words, I have my spoon in lots of pots but everything gets burned outside and raw inside before I can finish cooking it. 

    and mentally I'm a mess. 

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  • I try, but it's no where near what it was before babies. We used to clean the entire house top to bottom every two weeks. It still happens like that for the most part, but it's been every 3 weeks sometimes. Especially this month with all the craziness of the holidays.

    I am lucky to have a husband who is a neat freak and hates clutter. (it's a blessing and a curse...he likes to throw everything out) He also hates dishes in the sink, so we are good about that stuff. I credit him for doing 50% of the housework.

    If you walked in right now, there would be laundry waiting to be folded in the living room, my clean clothes that I need to put away in our room, but for the most part it could be ready for guests in about an hour.

    Like PP said, I always try to remember that the babies will only be little once and no one ever said "gee I wish I had spent more time cleaning when my kids were little." At least I don't think they would! I certainly won;t. 

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  • Don't feel like a failure!! For us my DH is the one who likes things to be clean. If it were up to me things would be a disaster. We definitely have a lot of clutter around, not just baby things but other things, too. At the end of the day I'm just too tired to deal with it all. We try to at least clean the surfaces of the kitchen and bathrooms and vacuum when we can but our house could use a serious deep clean.
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  • You have a toddler and 5 month old twins.  If you had a spotless house on top of that I would think you were superwoman! (or had a secret cleaning lady)  Our house started getting a little cleaner when they started crawling because then they could get to everything.  Now we just try to have good habits - instead of dumping our dishes in the sink we toss them in the dishwasher (though the sink is still full of dishes that can't go in there).  We eat dinner when the kids go to bed, so while I'm cooking H washes the dishes.  We do little stuff to straighten up here and there and then if my ILs take the kids for a few hours we plan to vacuum, dust, etc. but usually end up taking a nap or vegging on the couch and watching TV Smile
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  • My house is clean every other Friday for about an hour (right after the cleaning lady comes!)  After an hour, you would never know she was even there!  I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry on the couch that needs to be folded at the moment.  I wash, dry and fold/hang the clothes, DH puts them away - and he is hunting 8 hours away right now, so there the laundry sits.  I'm going to try and tackle it tomorrow evening... Dishes usually go straight into the dishwasher, but we have quite a bit of clutter....both baby stuff and other stuff.  I try to tidy up in the evenings after LOs go down for the night, but I have found it pretty pointless because my MIL watches them at the house - so by 7:15 a.m. the next morning - toys are scattered all over the house once again.  I try to stay on top of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen surfaces, but if it doesn't get done, so be it.  It does get easier as they get older, but then again, they are mobile and carry stuff with them throughout the entire house.  Long story short, you are not a failure - you enjoy those precious babies while they are still little because they grow up way too quickly!
  • DH has been great.  He does most of the cleaning.  We do a big cleaning every weekend and I will either dust or clean the floors.  He does the rest.  He does the dinner dishes that we don't put in the dishwasher.  So, my house is cleanish.  I should be vaccuming more with having a siberian husky.
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  • I know what you mean about feeling like a failure, I feel like that a sometimes too. (Neither of us are of course!) We're doing the best we can.

    Sometimes my house is really clean, but that literally only lasts an hour at the most. Usually there are half done projects and chores lying around. There's almost always a few dishes in the sink, and there are toys strewn about too. I try really hard to keep up with it, but the truth is it's never as clean as I'd like it too be.  

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