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Ear Infection??

So I'll say right off that I'm a FTM so I probably sound dumb...but please just bear with me.

So I've been thinking my LO has been teething for what seems like forever.  She drools like crazy, chews on everything, and the last few weeks has been fussier and harder to put down for naps.  But her gums don't look any different to me, and still no teeth.

The last few days she's been even fussier during the day, only content for short periods of time while playing before getting fussy.  And the last few nights she's been waking in the MOTN (usually only once or twice) and she's been STTN since she was 3 months (now is 5 months).  So now I'm wondering if maybe it's something else besides teeth?  I have noticed her tugging on her ear every now and then.  She has done this in the past sometimes when she's tired though.  So my sister saw her tug on her ear the other day and asked if she had an ear infection.  At the time I didn't think anything of it, because like I said she's done it before, but now because she's not been herself the last few days I'm worried.

She hasn't had a cold recently or anything and has never had an ear infection before.  Could the ear tugging be because of teething?  Or cause she just likes to tug on her ears?  What other symptoms of an ear infection should I be looking for?

Any help is appreciated!

Re: Ear Infection??

  • If it is an ear infection she will probably end up with a fever.  Teething can make them pull on their ears but with my older DSi noticed that more with molars which she shouldn't be getting yet.

    id watch her tomorrow and if she continues I would go to the doc just to have her checked out.  Can't do any harm and it would ease your mind. 

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