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What are you getting YOUR mom for xmas?

My mom has everything she could ever need or want. I'm at a loss this year. What are you getting your mom?
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Re: What are you getting YOUR mom for xmas?

  • imageM&MHaveMyHeart:

    I'm always at a loss for my mom. She's one of those types that always says 'don't get me anything.' 

    This year, I am getting her (& my dad I guess) a calendar of photos of us & DS. 

    Yeah she always says "dont get me anything" too but I'm 99% sure its a trap! LOL 

    Gabriel 11/04/09 Vincent 9/17/11 Grace 8/02/13
  • imageMMHaveMyHeart:
    I'm always at a loss for my mom. She's one of those types that always says 'don't get me anything.'nbsp;This year, I am getting her amp; my dad I guess a calendar of photos of us amp; DS.nbsp;

    I'm also making calendars with pictures of the kids for my mom, MIL, and DH's grandma.
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  • What about a massage or facial? Or a gift certificate for an experience with your LOs like zoo tickets or something? Or things that are replenishable like her favorite lotion, perfume etc. she'll always need more of those things. When all else fails I usually pick out a unique or custom pair of earrings off Etsy or from a local vendor. The meaning is in the gift, so whenever she wears them she'll think of you and that's what makes them special, not that she has another pair of earrings. You could customize something with your LOs birthstones. I did that for my mom's birthday and she loves it. If you do semi-precious and silver you can find great deals on Etsy. 

  • I'm getting her a ring with mine and my siblings birthstones (a Mother's ring). She always wanted one but never bought one.

    ETA: Her birthday is in December too, and I'm getting her a calendar from Shutterfly that has personalized dates and events and photos.

  • Omaha Steaks, photo calendar of DD and maybe something like pj's.
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  • I think I'm buying her an ornament and donating to Heifer International in her and my father's name. 
  • I got my mom a bread maker & kitchen towels & dish cloths. 

     She mentioned over the summer wanting a bread maker & told me to get her the kitchen linens as well.

     Tiffany's has some cute necklaces too for around $100. I got her a "Mom" one two years ago. Tiffany's is always a hit in my book!  

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  • A Kitchen Aid Griddler! It's a joint gift for both my parents - they're always eyeing ours so I thought it was about time they have one themselves. Oh, and a few framed photos of DD. 

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  • We're getting my parents carry-on luggage sets. My mom told me they needed them months ago, so I'm hoping she's forgotten she told me and it will be a surprise. I'll probably get her something more personal too, like costume jewelry or a shirt.
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  • My mom wants a handheld vacuum so that is what we are getting her. Her birthday is December 24. We are getting her a photo calendar and a couple books she wants.

    I like the pp's suggestions of a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi. Photo gifts are always a hit with our moms and my grandparents as well. 

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  • My mom (and dad, for that matter) is the same way.  They have everything they need and want and get more gc for dinner than they know what to do with.

    So I get them the same things every year, but it is stuff I know they use and love.  I renew a magazine subscription for my mom, get the Neutrogena rainbath she loves, and a photo calendar of the kids.  My dad gets golf balls and a bottle of Gordon's gin

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  • I got my Mom a necklace. She likes jewelry. Gift certificates for a pedicure or something would be a good idea too.
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  • My sister and I are getting my mom GCs for pedicure and facial which she always wants. We are also going to fill a small stocking (hand cream, ice cream GC, earrings, tissues, etc) since my Dad passed away last year and always gave me money to do a great stocking/gift for her.


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  • Replacing her old Nativity set with a Willow Tree nativity set.
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  • Everything that I bought my mom was on her list (yes, we make lists for each other...love it) and bought on Black Friday or Craigslist.  Big Bang seasons 1-4, Charmed seasons 2-8, and a Target fuzzy blanket.
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  • I got her a really nice blender and a Tervis tumbler for smoothies.
  • She requested new jeans, so a GC to get a jeans, a travel mug with hot cocoa and shower gel. 
    A got my parents together new flannel sheets they requested and a framed art piece (maybe) that has all their kids, son-in-laws and grandkids first/middle names and birthdates.

  • My mom is extremely hard to buy for because she wants for nothing. I

    I made her a photo calender of my DD. I am also knitting her a scarf. I bought her a cute apron. I'm not sure what else I will get her. I'm sure when I go out shopping I will find something that she will love and just know thats what she will want!

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  • My parents live far away so she got a photo book from shutterfly of photos of DS. They were having their black Friday sale so I paid $40 for a 12x12 hard cover book.
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  • We're doing a simpler Christmas this year and I'm buying her an awesome makeup primer from Lancome. Last year we went big on presents, but now we're doing smaller ones. My MIL is getting the same thing. 
  • We also did a photobook from https://www.picaboo.com/.  I was lucky enough to get a half price deal on the hard cover book.

    After 15 cycles and 3 rounds of clomid (50mg) we got our BFP.


    Lots of luck to my Golden Girls
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