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Christmas shopping?

How far are you so far?

I went through gifts last night and am surprised I am further than I thought. I have 13 items or so yet to get for our kids and extended family. Then I have 4 rather large items to buy for DH. We tend to spoil each other and he turns 40 this year too (January).

Re: Christmas shopping?

  • I'm not that far yet.


  • I have the kids' main gifts. I still need to pick up 2 for DH, gift cards for out of town family, and some smaller gifts for the kids.

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  • I have my parents, sister and BIL, MIL and SFIL, BIL, SIL, and FIL done. I still have DH and DS left to do and I plan on getting DS done on Thursday. I'm getting DH a massage so I just have to run in and do that. I'll probably be done everything this week.
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  • Nothing! I need to get a move on it.
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  • I'm about 50% done.  This Saturday night our church is having Parent's Night Out so I'm going to try most of it done then.




  • I am done but I am also almost due so I wanted things purchased and wrapped before DS2 gets here!
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  • We're done for the kids, just have to get stocking stuffers. We have to buy for my parents and sister, and then we're completely done!

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  • We are probably 80 done. DS kitchen is on its way and most family gifts are ordered. Still need to find a few items for DH. I love online shopping!
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  • Haven't really started.
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  • I have all of the nieces and nephew done.  I have about 1/2 done for DS.  I have extended family  3/4 done.  I still have both sets of parents to buy for yet.  DH and I are not exchanging this year, in an effort to save money.  We are buying a treadmill after Christmas, so we are kinda counting that as our gift to eachother.

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  • I realized the other day that I am actually further than I thought. DS and SS are almost done just need to get a few more things for each of them and stocking stuffers. I need to get my FI his "big presents" and stocking stuffers. Then after that I have probably 20 things to get and some of those are giftcards. Alot of my list is half done just need to get the finishers.
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  • I am jealous that so many of you are so far in your shopping! I need to get a move on it! Im having a hard time finding a good opportunity to go. Do you take your kids with you? It wouldn't be an issue for my 4 mo old, but my 2 year old wouldn't be able to see me buying a toy she would like, and then me putting it away when we got home.
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  • I just wrote the below list and realized I'm doing better than I knew! I'm notorious each year for having to do some frantic last minute shopping, so this is a big improvement :-)

    DD - done except she needs some more stocking stuffers

    DH - have a couple things for him, but don't have his main gift yet.

    ILs - done!

    My parents - done!

    Siblings - not even close.... they're always the hardest to buy for. My brother is on a work term in Australia and my mom is shipping a box of gifts to him that we're supposed to add to... what the heck to you get an 18 yr old living abroad??? He's constantly on the move, and living out of a backpack. Gah. 

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  • The only gifts we bought are for our son.  We are going back to NY for the holidays so we will buy everyones gifts once we get there.  Our son will get his Christmas gifts from us when we get back to CA in early Jan.

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  • I got it almost all done on cyber monday, at least all our family gifts. Thank goodness for online shopping! I can't imagine dragging all these kids through the stores. The malls give me anxiety on a normal day!

    Now I just have little things left to get for neighbors, teachers and friends. 

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  • I am pretty much done. I did most of my shopping LONG ago since I knew I would have a newborn in Dec. & it would probably be hard for me to get my arse up and shop. H was making fun of me for finishing up so early but we are now both so glad I did. 
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  • Ha! I have only purchased one thing, and all it is is M's Christmas jammies! Yeah... I'm a bit behind lol I've been going crazy planning and purchasing everything for her birthday on Saturday so I think that's the main reason I'm so behind. Normally by now I'm completely done. I guess next year I'll be sure to have her party completely settled by mid November so it's a non-issue until the day before it... then I can focus on Christmas better! Especially because she'll be 2, and more into it and we'll have a 5 month old too... ugh gotta love the holiday hoopla!
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  • I am 90% done.  I just have my parents and dh left.  I am thinking about family pictures for the parents.  And i have dh's big gift i just need a few little things for under the tree and everything for his stocking.
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  • I am about 75% done.
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  • Two gifts wrapped and under the tree. One for DH and one for DS. Gift for my parents is being shipped as a type and there is a butt load of stuff in my cart on Amazon. I really should just go ahead and purchase the darn stuff already!
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  • I am done!  Except for stocking stuffers for the the kids which I will finish up this weekend.  I am due on the 17th and wanted to be done before then just in case.  Plus, once she is here I doubt I will feel like Christmas shopping. 
  • I'm over halfway done. I'm pretty excited about it because usually I'm a last minute shopper. This year I swore I would get it done early. Thankfully Black Friday & Cyber Monday were good to me! 
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  • I am finished with DD except her "Santa" gift. I only have one thing for DS though.

    The only other people we buy for are one nephew, 2 nieces, 2 cousins, MIL, my parents, and my grandparents.  The only things I have left to buy are something for my parents.

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