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15 month Vaccines

DS just got his 15 month vaccines yesterday along with the flu vaccine and he is out of sorts today BIG TIME! He's crying about every little thing and wont leave my side and usually he's running around playing all the time. He's never had a reaction like this after any of his other vaccines before... anyone experience this?? i'm just worried because of all the horrible stories you hear about vaccines and autism ect...  Any insight is appriciated....   TIA

Re: 15 month Vaccines

  • He's not going to "get" autism from vaccines.

     The 15-month shots were the worst of all of them so far, especially the MMR. Give him some Tylenol if he needs, put him in a warm bath, and cuddle him. He'll be fine in a day or two.

  • The shots make their arm sore, especially the flu shot. My arm hurts for a few days after the flu shot. And really? Autism? If that stupid theory were to be true, one would think it would not happen RIGHT after the shots. It may not even be the shot at all, he could just be having an off day.


  • Try not to stress about it.  Sometimes DD will take her shots like a champ, other times she's cranky and clingy.  The MMR shot can sting and be sore, so he's probably uncomfortable.  Just give him extra snuggles and extra patience and he'll be back to himself in no time.
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  • We don't see the pedi or get any vaccines between 12 and 18 months.

    But no vaccines "cause" autism.  The doctor that even suggested that lost his license b/c it was complete crap "science," so you really should try to put that out of your mind.

    Hope your guy feels better soon. 

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  • I'm really curious how my son's vaccine schedule is different from all of yours since we don't see the pedi at 15 months (we also didn't have a 9 month appt).  He got 7 shots at his 12 month appt though (including flu).
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