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So sick of hearing I caused my kid's ASD

Okay, obviously the question of whether or not vaccines can trigger unlock or magically generate autism is a controversial one still. Personally, my kid was a preemie and was more likely to die from a childhood illness than develop immunity on his own, and I figured the remote possibility of autism was better than death.

But good lord! I'm a member of the support group in town, and it's nearly the only thing discussed in our meetings. How your kid got autism, what doctors to avoid so you don't have to vaccinate ie, screw up your next kid, etc. etc. etc.

I'm all for doing everything I can to help my son have the best life he possibly can, but I just feel like the focus is SO much on what idiots our doctors are and how we need to be putting everything else in life aside to solve the mystery of autism. Anyone else experience this?

Re: So sick of hearing I caused my kid's ASD

  • Wow, I'm surprised they're still so sold on such outdated research. I hope you're able to find a better support group that actually provides support.

    Auntie, that's very interesting about the preemie research. My boys were termies but being in the multiples world, I have a lot of preemies in my life and have seen the many challenges many of my MoM friends and their kiddos have had to overcome.

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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