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If you are planning on visiting Santa...

I wanted to share a link I got from Sarah's therapist. There are malls all over who are having an even called Caring Santa. 

This is the description: 

Children with special needs and their families are invited to a special photo session with Caring Santa in an environment set up to support the sensory, physical and other developmental needs of kids with all abilities.

AbilityPath.org is joining forces again with Simon Mall and their photo operators including Noerr Programs to offer families across the country and opportunity to take that treasured holiday.  We have worked together to lessen potential triggers with events held during private mall hours so as to provide a calmer sensory-friendly environment.  
There will be no lines, no crowds, no music but lots of fun!


Re: If you are planning on visiting Santa...

  • Our family photog hires a Santa and does private mini-sessions. For a little more or the same as a mall picture package, we get a scheduled time (no line!), 15 minutes alone with Santa (no other kids, very quiet, plenty of time for them to warm up a little without being rushed), and a digital proof with copyright release that we can use for anything we want.  

    I love it. We've done it two years now, and although it's for all kids, it addresses a lot of the same issues mentioned in your post plus just a huge convenience factor. I think it's a genius idea on our photographer's part and I much, much prefer it over going to the mall or somewhere similar. 

    Plus, she hires the same Santa each year and that's kind of awesome as well, to see your kids "grow up" with the same Santa! 


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    Here's a link to the malls involved and their dates. Be warned, these tend to be early in the season and early in the morning. The one near me is 7:30am- 8:30am.



    thanks for posting the link. Ours isn't that early in the day. 

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  • That's really cool. :) We haven't taken our boys to see Santa before--I always knew Alex would FREAK at the idea--but his therapy place (they have a PT and two OTs) have a Christmas party with a Santa and they say he's really good with kids with SN. We will see. :)
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