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Daycare near Monroe, NY

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Does anyone know any good daycares near Monroe, NY where they open by 6:30am?  Also, what is the going rate in Orange County for Daycare?

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  • My son attends Little Scholars in Chester. Its behind the Chester Diner, near McDonalds. While searching for daycare they had the best hours and the best price.  He attends part time so we pay hourly ($7). 

    We looked at the Learning Experience in Harriman and they were VERY expensive! GL  

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  • My daughter is now 4 and goes to school in Mahwah (closer to my work) but from 6 weeks - 18 months, we had her in Highland Mills at Peawees in a Pod daycare with Kerri Ann Perone.  She is wonderful and we loved having my daughter there!  I believe she opens at 6am (maybe 6:30).  She is state registered/certified and has about 5 kids there at a time (some kids are there just for before/after school)  They also have webcams so you can view your child via computer.  4 years ago, we paid approx $960 a month, which covered drop off at 7:45am and pick up at 4:30pm. is their website - good luck!
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