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Problem w/Taking Medicine-PDD

Hi - My 7 year old DS has PDD.  He has had a bad cough since yesterday so my DH gave him some cough medicine this morning, which made him throw up right after he gave it to him. A couple of months ago this happened too, but I gave him one of those medicated tongue strips.  As soon as I put it on his tongue, he threw up.  Does this happen to any of your children (SN or typically developing)?  If it does, do you have any strategies for giving him/her medicine successfully?   Thank you in advance.  Have a good week!

Re: Problem w/Taking Medicine-PDD

  • ds2 is bad at taking meds too. We crush his pills and put into juice. And tyleonol/ibprifon liquids go into juice too. If we try to put the liquid directly in his mouth, we have to literally sit on him and hold him still. Which was ok at 3, a little more difficult now at 4 and would be impossible in a few years.

     His pedi and Dev pedi know we do this, and although his med actually says 'do not crush and mix with food/liquid' they say he needs the meds and if this is the only way we can get them in, so be it!!!

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