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Doctor who can refer the Harmony test in NYC

I am uninsured at the moment and will do most of my prenatal care in Europe where I am from and can get it for free. But the Harmony screening test is not done in my country so I want to have it done in January in NYC (when I will be in week 13). Does anyone know of a Doctor who can do a simple referal to this test?

I talked to the company behind Harmony and they said they can't help with that. I have to find a doctor who will simply call a number and order the necessary forms that will be filled out. The blood test can then be taken in a local lab, but they will not do this if I don't have a doctor doing the forms first.

I have decided on the Harmony test rather than the Maternit21 because the cost for us paying cash is $800 instead of $1900. Now all I need is an appointment with a doctor who preferably doesn't insist on the regular pregnancy check up which would be another $1000 (where I have asked). 

Anywhere in NYC or even parts of New Jersey that is close by will work even tho I am located in Manhattan.


Re: Doctor who can refer the Harmony test in NYC

  • Just wanted to get back and post about my success in case someone else finds this thread and is wondering.

    I got an appointment with:

    Dr. Kenneth Lescale  Maternal Fetal Medicine, 523East 72nd St, NYC

    It seemed like a very easy thing. They don't ask me to be their patient for any other prenatal care and they will do everything in one appointment - genetic counseling, sonogram and blood test for Harmony, Verifi or Maternit21. The only cost I will have on top of the actual test is around $360 (instead of around $1000 at others I have tried).
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