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Bored! What's good to watch on Netflix?

DH has been either at work or unconscious since Thanksgiving evening and I'm getting really bored. Ok, I could declutter the closet upstairs, but I don't feel like it.


What good Netflix finds have you made lately?


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Re: Bored! What's good to watch on Netflix?

  • The League!
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  • imagealatham:
    The League!

    I laugh so hard when DH watches that. I love how I met your mother and greys on Netflix.
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  • The Business of Being Born, More Business of Being Born and Pregnant in America :)
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  • Big SmileI've been on a Rue Pauls Drag Race binge this weekend!

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  • Not sure if its on Netflix. But Dexter is awesome!
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  • I have Amazon prime not Netflix but Downton abbey is amazing!
  • Once Upon a Time Season 1 is on Netflix and it's pretty awesome. I was hooked quickly! 


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  • Marley, a new Bob Marley documentary. It was really good!
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  • The walking dead. Smile

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  • Breaking Bad!!
  • Dexter isn't on Netflix unfortunately :( But I recommend Walking Dead(AWESOMEEE), Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, and Parenthood(the tv show).

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  • imageCNS1180:

    Once Upon a Time Season 1 is on Netflix and it's pretty awesome. I was hooked quickly! 


    Agreed!   Revenge is a pretty good show too. 

  • imagealatham:
    The League!

    yes!! and white collar! and suits! 

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  • been adicited to sons of anarchy lol
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  • Only the best show ever - Supernatural.  Such good looking guys my husband gets jealous!
  • MrandMrsFireFighter, we watched the documentary last night as per your suggestion... It was really really good! Thanks for the recommendation ;)
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  • One Tree addicting!!!

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