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Presleybrooke Academy daycare in Raleigh

Hi, I just toured this facility for my first baby, expected in late April and wanted to know if there are any reviews anyone can share with me.  They are a bit under capacity (3 infants with room for 10) and this is a little concerning and I can find zero reviews on the web.  Any comments?

Re: Presleybrooke Academy daycare in Raleigh

  • We had my little one in Presleybrooke from about 4 months-2 years.  When we started, it was really great.  The director was amazing, her mom was the infant teacher and was pretty old school but she loved the babies, the toddler room was her daughter and she was fantastic.  Then daughter left for nursing school, then director left for nursing school, then mom retired.  New director was nice enough, but didn't know how to run the place and almost all of the staff left.  The school was still full in all rooms at this point and slowly but surely all the kids started moving to Goddard or Little Pros on Leesville. We left in August (2011) and what you have said only tells me that things have not improved.  There is a youngish blonde infant teacher and she was terrible, I also have a friend who enrolled her twins and there was a horrible mix up that resulted in a very very bad day for those twins.  

     This was a year ago though, so I don't think any of those teachers are probably even still there.  I would be asking a lot of questions about staff turnover and such if you are strongly considering this center.  We loved it until the director left, I really wish I could give a better review.

    On the flip side, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Little Pros on Leesville though.  Amazing staff and director.  We were there for a year and loved it.  It costs more, yes, but it is so worth it for the peace of mind.

    My sweet boy :)
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