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HELP! dont fit in bridemaid dress!

Im on a wedding new years eve and my dress doesnt fit! I cant zip it! I had to order it when i was pregnant and it just came in. I need to know how i can drop some weighr by new years eve. I should say i am not looking for something long term. I just need to fit in this dress! Protein shakes? Double workouts? Please help! Also im overweight so i have weight to lose.
Thanks for your help!

Re: HELP! dont fit in bridemaid dress!

  • Workout as much as you are able and within safe limits for what you are used to. Consistency is your best friend, don't go crazy one day and take off the next 2. I usually see the biggest change when I really clean up my diet. I've never done a fad diet, I just eat fruit/veggies/fish and count calories. Try the website or phone app My fitness pal.


     If it seems like you will have to go to unsafe measures to fit in the dress, just see if they can let it out a bit, don't kill yourself.

    Good Luck!!

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  • First, did you talk to the dress shop to see if it can be altered?  Usually they have someone in house who can do it.  Letting it out a couple inches may make a world of difference.

    Second, counting calories, eating healthy, drinking lots of water.

    Third, workout.  Workout as much as possible.  I am a fan of Jillian's workout for toning, but also run because it burns the most calories in a short amount of time.  The elliptical with the resistance up is also good.

    Remember though that it is the holidays and you are not going to be 100% perfect everyday,  GL!!

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  • A seamstress should be able to let it out a little if it's not sizes too tight. I'd say go for that rather than losing weight at this point.
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  • I'm in a wedding next weekend and had to order my dress before I knew I was pregnant. Needless to say, it doesn't fit. The seamstress is crafty and was able to insert panels in the side of the dress to make it fit. I'm sure a seamstress can let your dress out as well. 
  • Are you nursing? Sorry cant see siggies. Don't diet if nursing!

    When I need to drop serious pounds I drink a gallon of water a day in addition to yoga, walking, and of course healthy eating.
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  • This happened to me. My friend had a really long engagement, and we ordered the dresses 12 months before her wedding, and I got pregnant right about that time too. Well, I had a baby during those 12 months, and had to fit into the size 8 dress I ordered, 3 months post-partum. I did lose most of the baby weight, but my body had changed, and it just wouldn't zip and was very unflattering.

    What I lucked out with, is that the dress was way too long for me, so there was tons of extra fabric. I found an excellent seamstress, and she was able to take the dress out at least 2 inches and it ended up fitting and no one could tell there was extra fabric sewn it (the dress was dark brown, which also helped hide the panel).

    Is there any way you can get a new dress, or get your dress altered?

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  • AdvoCare 10 day will drop it fast and the dress will fit!  I just finished a cleanse and lost 8 lbs.  I have lost 50lbs since I started using AdvoCare in March.  Good luck!!!!

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