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New mommy to be...entering 5th week

Hello Ladies! I am entering my 5th week!! I just found out I was preggos last week and so excited but nervous. I am having headaches and mild stomach cramps, no morning sickness other than some nausea at night. I am scared about having a miscarriage, is all this normal to feel this way?

Also, it would be awesome if there was someone in my area (Chapel Hill/Durham) that is in the same situation as me. Let me know :)

Re: New mommy to be...entering 5th week

  • Hi!  I live in Durham and just hit 9 weeks:)  The headaches only just started for me, but I haven't been so fortunate with the nausea!  Nauseous pretty much all the time, and the fact that I am very petite/a bit underweight to start with doesn't help.  I am always nervous too - I wish I could have an ultrasound everyday just to be sure the baby is ok! 
  • I am petite too, not so much underweight but work out 3 times a week and try to be active, I wonder if that helps with nausea. I don't know. I am getting nervous everyday and want to know if the baby is ok too. I have my first appoint. next week and wonder if I will get an ultrasound. I am hoping so I can hear a heartbeat :) Fingers crossed!
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  • Hey!  I live in the Durham area as well - I'm currently 22 weeks.  At first, I was really paranoid (esp since I experienced a loss in May).  I didn't have many pregnancy symptoms until week 7 or 8.  It's normal to be nervous but don't let it rule your life.  My husband would have to give me a reality check when I was constantly worrying.  He would remind me that there isn't much in worrying since we can't control what happens.  Around week 18, my cousin sent me her pocket doppler which gives me a peace of mind when I'm having a bad day.  Now my baby girl is kicking all the time which is awesome reassurance.  Hope everything is going OK!  
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  • Hi! I live in Durham and am also entering my fifth week. I work at Duke and hope to have the baby here at the hospital. Looks like we are due date buddies. I have had a lot of cramping, mild nausea, and occasional loss of appetite. I've been eating a lot of starches (pastas, crackers) which seem to help. The cramps are normal, as I've read - it's just our uteruses (uteri?) :) growing.

    We haven't told anyone except I will be telling my personal trainer, who I have been working out with for almost 2 years now, who I think is an important person to know so he knows WHY I'm tired and grumpy and crampy. :) We expect to tell our parents and families in early February and then everyone else soon after. 

    Congrats to you!

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