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PCSing at 8months!!

My hubby is currently deployed and we finally got his orders this week and we will be PCSing when I'm 8 months along! We are moving from kingsbay (southern GA) all the way up to Ballston Spa (upstate NY). My husband originally wanted to do a DITY move but I have since talked him out of it but we will still have to deal with the movers and driving up there and I am absolutely terrified and excited at the same time. Oh and to top it off my husband is on a submarine and I havent heard from him in a LOOOOONGGG time.. i would kill for an email and I am a hormonal mess! (yes email.. plain text no attatchments or pictures and it has to be sent through a sailor mail system BOOOO!!, subs dont get skype or phone calls or anything else that most military families get).. and it will be quite a while longer before I even here from him so I am stuck finding a house and preparing everything by myself becuase he won't be home in time to do any of it and I can't even talk to him about it. I would love some suggestions on how not to stress myself out anymore than I already am and just some plain old sympathy (i know.. its horrible to do the "poor me" thing but I'm so hormonal and sad lately i just cant help it!) HELP!!
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Re: PCSing at 8months!!

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    You can do a partial DITY move as well. We do that when able that way we have basics to hold us over when we are outgoing and incoming. We usually have a tv, pots/pans, suitcases, utensils, laptops, blankets, pillows, air mattress and other stuff like that. We rent a small uhaul and stick it all in there and the military gives us money for it. 

    As far as suggestions to not stress you out, do you have any old voicemails from him? Cards? E-mails? I save my husbands voicemails so I can hear his voice when he is gone. I also save all the cards he ever gives me so I can read them again whenever I start to feel lonely and haven't heard from him. Looking at pictures helps me too. Also, I plan activities for us to do when he gets home, like making his favorite meal, going to see a movie or other date stuff.  

    I agree with the partial DITY move. Do you have any close military friends or family that could come and help you? Sometimes when I missed my DH, I would write in a journal on my computer and send them to him when I felt like I needed to vent. I also saved cards and special letters from over the years because it helps when they are gone. I wish you luck on your move!

  • I will be about 6 months when we PCS back to the states from the United Kingdom. Any helpful hints or advice from anyone who has done this? [pregnant or not] We dont know where were going yet, but should find out by the first week of february. I am thinking I will have to leave before my hubby but still trying to figure everything out.
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