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UT Southwestern Medical Center St. Paul in Dallas

Anyone ever given birth at St. Paul? Just curious for some feedback as to how your experience went. Dr. Lutich will be delivering or come to think of it probably some wet behind the ears resident....

Re: UT Southwestern Medical Center St. Paul in Dallas

  • I don't know about their delivery floor, my MIL had a complicated hernia surgery done at St Paul last year. There are two things to consider, medical staff and hospital comforts for the patient. As far as medical staff they were great, extremenly knowledgable and confident. The Drs were great actually the team that operated on her were best in tha nation. There was a few in between visits from residents but it wasn't very annoying.

    The parking was a pain, not that many spots available, and you just never knew when you would have to pay and when you would not pay, if the attendant felt like stepping away, and it happened you were getting out at the same time, it  was free, but then other times it wasn't, it was just confusing for visitors.

    The interior of the hospital is older, the rooms were kind of tiny, shorter ceiling and hard to move around, if you have more than 2 other poeple in the room it would feel very crowded. There was a tiny TV with not so great reception.

    If you can get tour do so and see how the maternity and delivery floor.


  • I am also delivering at St. Paul with Dr. Lutich.  I have only heard good things about delivery there and my next door neighbor delivered there last year and had a wonderful experience.  You can also let your doctor know that you do NOT want a resident to deliver your baby.  I believe that mostly happens at Parkland. Hope this helps!
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