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Sudden Food Aversion?

So, I have been fine food wise this whole pregnancy. Not a lot of ms in first tri, no real aversions to anything. But suddenly- like last night suddenly- I have no desire to eat chicken! Made chicken thighs, spinach and noodles last night, and when I tried to eat my chicken, I just couldn't do it. Put it in my mouth, chewed it, and had to spit it out! SO gross! There was nothing wrong with the chicken itself- DH loved it! Thought it might have been a fluke, so I brought leftovers to work today for lunch, and I tried a bite of the chicken and practically puked on my desk! It tasted SO disgusting to me!

Has anyone else developed a sudden aversion to any foods?

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Re: Sudden Food Aversion?

  • I haven't had any sudden food aversions yet but chicken has been the worst for me since the beginning!  Just thinking of it makes me want to vom Ick!
  • All my food aversions faded out after 1st tri and, thankfully, haven't come back.  I really hope they don't, anyway!  I do have to say that, even when I'm not pregnant, chicken occasionally makes me gag.  Maybe your body sensed something wrong with that particular piece of chicken and was protecting you or something...
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  • A lady at work said she could not eat chicken her entire pregnancy. Must be more common than I thought.
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