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Our Exceptional Full time Nanny

We are relocating to Boston and therefore want to find Dianne a new family. We are extremely sad that we can't continue to work with Dianne as she is truly exceptional.  
She truly loves and takes extreme pride in our daughter. She is loving, attentive, compassionate and patient. I cannot say enough positive things about how she cared for our baby girl starting when she was just three month. Not only did she introduce our baby gently to her sleep schedule, got her started on her solids, takes her to play-dates, she also is the reason why our little girl is such a fun, friendly and bubbly little toddler. Dianne is extremely reliable and helped me get back into my very demanding job - I would recommend Dianne to anyone with a demanding carrier who needs to rely 100% on their child-care in all aspects.

Dianne has 10 years experience and excellent references from her former families, working with twins for 4,5 years; she is a certified baby nurse, CPR and First Aid certified. She is looking for a full time employment (45-50h p.w.).She is a legal US resident and we pay her officially.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

[email protected]

Re: Our Exceptional Full time Nanny

  • Dianne sounds like exactly what we will need BUT I am not due until end of June. I will keep your contact info in case for some reason she is looking for full time this summer. If I hear of any other mommies in need, I will pass along your email. thanks for sharing!

  • Where is she located?
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