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Anti-Depressants during Pregnancy?


 This is my first post!! My husband and I are trying to conceive but I am on an anti-depressant. I know some doctors say some are ok to stay on but they have risks and others are a definant no-no. Does anybody have any experience either one way or the other?

Re: Anti-Depressants during Pregnancy?

  • Hi!

     I was in the same position.  My husband and I knew we wanted to start trying to have a baby, and I began to slowly come off my Lexapro beginning in March.  I felt just fine until late August when I had a bad depression/anxiety episode.  I started back on the Lexapro, and then found out I was pregnant in mid-October.  Both my OB-GYN and psychiatrist are comfortable with me staying on the SSRI as the benefits outweigh the risks.  I recently switch to Prozac however, as the Lexapro had seemed to stop working for me (apparently they can stop working if you start/stop them too many times).  I believe Prozac is a Category B, and most SSRIs are either Category B or C.  Risks cannot be ruled out as pregnant women can not legally participate in a clinical trial to test this, but looking back retrospectively, I believe the risk to the baby is really quite small.  After my experience, my advice would be to not mess with changing/stopping your medications.  Pregnancy messes with your hormones enough as it is and trying to get back to normal mentally (I have bad anxiety, depression, OCD) has been quite a challenge.  Hope that is helpful!

  • My dr took me off all of mine as soon as they found out I was pregnant (made me quit cold turkey). Some of they have what some drs would consider low risk birth defects (clef lip, weak bones, etc). So they weigh theses risk with the risk of you going off your meds.  Ideally even if your dr says it is okay it is best for your baby not to be on them. But again the dr knows you and knows how you are off of our meds and they look at that too.  If it is better for you mentally to be on the meds they will talk to you about the risk of staying on the meds 

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  • I was on Zoloft prior to getting pregnant for anxiety more than depression.  I decided to slowly take myself off while we were trying to conceive...which was a rough experience...lots of headaches and dizziness.  But it eventually passed and i was able to come off successfully.  My OB (who i trust and adore) said obviously it is best to try to come off them, but if i at any moment start to feel overwhelmed or my anxiety gets too bad, etc. then she wants to put me back on them.  As a PP mentioned, sometimes the risk of being off is worse than being on.  It's something i discuss with my OB at every appointment and so far i have been ok staying off.  Though i told her i want a prescription in hand the minute i deliver.  :)  I would recommend talking to your doctor either way.  Good luck!
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  • I took Zoloft throughout this last pregnancy (and now while I'm breastfeeding). I was going to try to wean off in the 2nd trimester but my OB actually encouraged me to stay on them. Said if I wanted to I could but it was perfectly safe to continue taking (one of the safest SSRI's in pregnancy). Honestly I feel much better on it (use for anxiety) so I decided to stay on it. BTW her pedi was and is absolutely fine with me taking it as well.
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