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Question about labwork results for my son


I hope you can help me. My son (who is 3 years, 3 months) has been having digestive and constipation issues since he was an infant.  He is also developmentally delayed.  We have been to countless specialists at three of the best Children's Hospitals on the East Coast.  I strongly suspect that my son has major 'gut' issues and that there is a definite link (for him) between the gut and the brain....but I get the eye roll when I mention this to his doctors.

I finally pushed for celiac testing and the GI doctor said that my son's IgA level was normal, but his IgG level was 30 (and the lab range was <11).  Apparently I shouldn't be concerned about the IgG level because the IgA level is normal....huh??  Of course I am concerned - and I'm going to do whatever it takes to research this high IgG level - and to help my child.  

I will obviously google this info, but I wanted to start here with you ladies - as you are way wiser.  Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide; I appreciate it more than you know.


Re: Question about labwork results for my son

  • Your best bet would be to find a celiac board. I bet people on there can explain it really well.

    Are your son's dev delays gross motor? There can be some connection between low muscle tone and constipation.

  • My daugher has sever constipation issues because of her hypertonia and hyotonia. Her muscle weekness effects her digestive track. We have been to Alfred I Dupont several times because she refuses to eat when shes so backed up. They had thought it was sandifer's syndrom ( bad reflux ) here to find out 3 trips later and a few ultrasounds and xrays its from the constipation. She takes miralax everyday and shes been fine every since. Maybe recommend it to the GI.

     She is missing part of her left brain in the area that controls motor developement so it has definitely effected her muscle tone, in turn, effecting her organs. You arnt crazy. Hope this helps!

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