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Fun place for a 2 year old birthday party?

I am trying to avoid Chuck E Cheese. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

Re: Fun place for a 2 year old birthday party?

  • If you don't mind Woodbury, there's Club Just Jump located behind Sam's Club/across the road from Dorothy Ann Bakery that's fun for kids (it's basically an overglorified jump house with all sorts of sizes to things)...  Or... The YMCA rents out the zero-depth pool for kid's parties at all of their locations...  Minnesota Zoo...  Underwater World at the MOA...  Como Zoo... 

     OR... there's the good old standby of just having it at home and spacing it out over the course of an afternoon after nap time is over!!!  It's just annoying when parents schedule parties in the middle of nap time (usually right after lunch, at least for most kids that attend daycare) and the choice is going to the party and dealing with an underslept child or arriving just as the party is about to conclude with a well rested child and happy Mommy because the rested child is rested thus behaving properly... 

     Good luck!!!  DD turns 4 this year and it doesn't get any easier to figure out where and what to do for kids parties...  It's her golden birthday too so it'll be more than pizza or vietnamese food...  Or will it...

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  • Last year we did M's party at JW Tumbles. We also looked into The Little Gym, but they did not have openings on our day. It was great. The staff entertained the kids for 90 minutes, we did the cake and called it a day.

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