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Cloth Diapering

We live in Brooklyn and are considering cloth diapering.  The only reviews online are very positive.  Has anyone used cloth diapers and quit?  I am most concerned about the smell of the pail since our apartment is relativly small and the pail will be in the nursery.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: Cloth Diapering

  • Hi there!  If you look at the thread below yours, I do cloth diaper consultations.  I could meet with you to show and tell you all about it.  There is no obligation to buy anything.  I really love talking about cloth diapers and can be a helpful resource.  It would be you, me and my favorite prop (my cloth diapered DS).  Send me a PM if you are interested.
    Interested in Cloth Diapering? Overwhelmed by all the information out there? Contact me for a free consultation in person or online! Official Consultant image
  • Hi. My friend said that Innovative Diaper service is great. Maybe you should call or e-mail them and ask them what their clients do regarding the soiled diapers. I think they pick them up fairly often. [email protected]


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