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Brattleboro Hospital

Anyone else go here? Im interested in how well they support natural birthing...csection rates, epidural rates....?

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Re: Brattleboro Hospital

  • I'm curious about this too. I was also debating about Bennington. 

  • I had both of my daughters at brattleboro and both experiences were good. Both of my births were vaginal the first I used Demerol the second was all natural... I think it really depends on who your doctor is and their policies and practices. My second birth which was all natural was through a practice that uses a lot of midwives. My birth although painful was so relaxed and peaceful compared to my first birth which was with a different office and a stern doctor. My only warning about brattleboro is that some of the nurses have been there too long lol they are a bit grumpy.. But others made up for them with their positiveness.
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