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Milford Hospital?

Hi all!

I'm new to The Bump as my husband and I just recently found out we are pregnant! (I'm 7 wks 4 days!).. we are super excited..We live in Milford, CT and my OBGYN just told me he is no longer taking any new prenatal cases :-(... as upsetting as this was to me( I love my dr!).. i knew we had no choice but to find a new one. The office was kind enough to reccommend another practice here in town. We've already had our "confirmation" appt. with them and met the new Dr. They informed us that they only deliver at Milford Hospital as the practice/office is actually owned and operated by Milford Hospital ... interesting.

Needless to say, I have not heard anything bad about Milford Hospitals birthing center.. just wanted to see if any other CT women on here have either already gave birth there .. no anything about.. or are scheduled to give birth there?? Took a look at their website and childbirth center section.. looks comfortable to me... just wanted anothers opinion :-)

Thanks so much in advance all!!

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Re: Milford Hospital?

  • The only thing you may want to think about is if they have a NICU, otherwise God forbid anything happened they would have to transport your LO to another hospital.
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  • Milford is a great hospital! I used to work there!! I'm not sure what doctors work there anymore, I think there is a Dr Ahmed who is great.  They do not have a NICU, but having been an L&D nurse for 10 years, not everyone needs one! And, as the pregnancy progresses, your doc can advise you if he/she thinks you should deliver in a hospital with a NICU.  A hospital like Milford is well equipped to deal with any transient issues of the newborn like TTN, hypoglycemia etc.  
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  • My OB is out of Milford and his practice switched from Milford hospital to Yale because he said if there was an emergency, he'd have to be responsible for surgeons and they'd likely just transport to Yale anyway. Milford hospital wasn't working with them to improve so after 20 years of his practice being there, they relocated and like Yale much better. Hope that helps!
  • My OB is out of Milford but no longer uses Milford Hospital for deliveries. They had to many emergency cases that Milford hosp couldn't handle and decided to move all deliveries to Yale. Enemy though Yale is 45 mins from me that's where I'll be delivering.
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