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Second ultrasound shows no fetal pole... We are devastated.


I desperately need some encouragement right now.  My DH and I went for our 6w3d ultrasound today.  There was a gestational and yolk sac but no fetal pole.  I immediately broke down and could not even maintain any kind of composure.  The sonographer brought the OB in and she said "we should see at fetal pole at this point... I am 90% confident that you have miscarried."

She asked that I have my HCG levels checked and to do another ultrasound next Thursday.   I went to lab sobbing and will go again to the lab next Monday. 

Since we've been home, we've seen countless threads on many forums where women have not seen a fetal pole anywhere between 6w and 8w with their ultrasound.  Many have said that 6w3d is too early for some women since embryos develop at different rates.

Also, doesn't implantation affect gestational age?  We use OPK and CBEFM and it showed positive on 10/6.   We got our BFP on 10/19.

I've had no signs of m/c- no cramps, no bleeding.  I realize that this is characterized as a missed m/c, but guess I am looking for some kind of miracle.

Putting aside rising HCG levels, is there anyone out there who had an early u/s and did not see the fetal pole only to find that everything was okay the following u/s? 

Thank your for your encouragement and support. 

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Re: Second ultrasound shows no fetal pole... We are devastated.

  • I am so, so sorry that you are going through this.  I feel like 6w3d could still be a bit early for a HB but I just don't know.  We had our first U/S around 6w5d and saw a HB but the tech said we might not b/c it was so early.

    I hope that your HCG goes up and you see a HB Thursday.

    Good luck and take care.  Keep us posted! 

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  • According to wiki it is possible not see one until 9 weeks:


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  • I'm so sorry..

    It is still very early and if your off by even just a few days, it can make a big difference in regards to what is visible on an u/s. I have certainly seen similar experiences on tb have a positive outcome. Hugs and hang in there..

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  • I haven't had this happen but don't lose hope yet.  Did you show growth from your previous u/s?  I really hope it was too early and you get good results next week.  Hang in there, I'm sending many t&p. 
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  • I think it is really hard to know given how early it is.  You could have ovulated late, implanted late.  I think the betas will give you more helpful information.  Hang in there.  
  • I feel like it's early.


    Praying for you!


  • I agree that it is hard to know exactly when ovulation and implantation occurred. I wouldn't give up hope yet. I hope you will see some encouraging HCG numbers and see a fetal pole at your next U/S.

    I guess the closest thing I can give from my experience is that I apparently conceived around July 15, had what I was sure was implantation bleeding on July 29, and still managed to get a negative pregnancy test on August 6. I have no idea how that happened. Maybe the test was defective. I did not re-test until August 20 and got an HCG of 34,000 from a blood test on 8/21. So maybe your pregnancy is just a little slow getting out of the gate.

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  • Hmmm... I would ask the same questions as pp-- did you ovulate/conceive a little later or implant a little later? Maybe you're not quite 6 weeks yet? (Usually, the fetal pole appears by 6 weeks, but this is not set in stone-- my SIL, for example, had a slow starter and he just turned 1 a couple months ago.)

    I know the hardest part is the waiting, but I agree with pps-- the HCGs will tell you more and you'll have the next u/s to give a better idea of growth/heartbeat/etc. 

    Hang in there. ((hugs))



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  • Please don't get all worked up yet, it may be too early and your dates arent what you think. I went in to what I thought was going to be my 7 week u/s, all we saw an empty sac, they told me I may have a blighted ovum or my dates were off, I went back a week later and there was our little peanut with a heartbeat, measuring at 5 weeks. I was pretty insistent with my dates, I really have no logical explanation, but apparently it happens... Chin up and good luck....hugs
  • Ladies,

    Thank you so much for your kind words of support and encouragement.  Just knowing that there is still some hope makes such a difference for us.  

    Unfortunately, we were not told any measurements.  In fact, the sonographer did not even measure the yolk sac.  Once she did not see the fetal pole she went to get the OB and then it was all over with from there.   At this point I have no faith in these people and am so incredibly angry with the OB for stripping us of all our hope yesterday.  I think her approach was so unbelievably insensitive and uncaring.   They have never asked me about when I might have ovulated; only the date of my LMP.  I dread having to go back to that practice and see those people.  If we are lucky enough to have good betas and u/s next week, I am finding a new practice and OB.

    Thank you again ladies for giving us so much hope, support, and encouragement.  I don't know what we would do without you. 

    Me, 41; DH 38; TTC since July 2012, 1st round of Clomid, BFP on 10/19, what an incredible blessing!  M/c on 7w3d; D&C on 11/30; 4th round of Clomid 100mg = BFP on 04/19!!! M/c #2 at 7w; D&C on 5/30, then repeat D&C on 7/1.  Saline u/s on 8/2, uterus looks great!  Will start TTC in 09/13 w/ Clomid 100mg. Surprise natural BFP on 8/25!!! Beta #1=95, #2=182, #3=404!  EDD 5/4/13...Grow baby grow!

  • HUGS for you.  Keeping you in my thoughts.
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  • Lots of thoughts and prayers for you.  I hope your HCG continues to rise and you see promising results at your next ultrasound.

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  • Are the betas still doubling? I remember I had something similiar happen with my 3rd pregnancy. The last beta increased but didn't double. Dr thought dates were off. Did another u/s and in a week and the baby stopped growing. 

     So they will have to do another u/s to determine the exact diagnosis. ((((hugs)))) 

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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this.  I've been through it myself.  With my first pregnancy, my OB did an ultrasound at 6 weeks.  There was no heartbeat and no fetal pole.  After 2 more ultrasounds over the next couple weeks, they finally determined that it was a missed miscarriage.  That was one of the hardest periods of my life.  

     My next pregnancy resulted in my now 2 year old daughter.  After going through what I did in the first one, I refused any ultrasounds before 8 weeks, because it's just too hard to tell before then.  

    With this pregnancy, although I again stated no early ultrasounds, my OB couldn't find my uterus, so she did a quick abdominal scan at 6 weeks.  She didn't see a fetal pole or heartbeat, and she was a little concerned.  I put it out of my mind though until the "real" ultrasound which we did at 9 weeks.  We saw a baby - heart beating and measuring on target.

    So, to summarize, I do think 6 weeks is too early to make a final judgement call here.  The next week or two will be rough, but you will survive.  Good luck and keep us posted! 

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