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Update on procedure......Good News!

Drake had his esophagus dilation and bronchoscopy today and the results were, overall, really good! 

He had really bad tracheal malacia (floppy airway) and his trachea is widening very nicely!  The ENT still believes that he will need a cartilidge graft when we are ready for the trach to be removed but there is still time to prove him wrong!  Stick out tongue  It is actually a fairly common procedure but the fewer surgeries the better as far as I'm concerned!  We have to get him to swallow before that can happen, anyway..... which brings me to my next area of good news!

His esophagus is widening very well and the surgeon thinks that we can start trying food orally!!!!   We have never given him anything orally so I was pretty excited to buy some Cheetos today to start him on!  Yes, my son's first oral food is going to be Cheetos!  I have to admit it's not what I expected to give my 16 month old but I will take what I can get!  Apparently salty snacks are more apealing to kids with oral aversion and we are only going to let him lick the "cheese" off if he's willing. From what I understand, this process can take quite a while so please help me hope for the best!

Thanks for reading!

Re: Update on procedure......Good News!

  • Glad to hear the test came out good.  Good luck with giving him food. Hopefully he will adjust well.

    My friend's little boy is 6 and he still have a hard time chewing and swallowing food, so I know everything she has been through.  Her little boy is still in therapy to help him swallow.  He gets better every day though  :)

    Good luck!

  • that's fantastic news! you have every reason to hope for the best - I'll hope right along with you.

    Cheetos are now a go-to snack for us and the salty foods were also highly recommended. We spent a lot of time showing DS how to lick a Cheeto!  It's a long road but after 9 months of work and therapy (DS is now 27 months) we're seeing some oral-motor progress and are starting to see a transition away from baby food. (Dx Williams Syndrome at 18 months, low tone, reflux, severe gag reflex, cognitive deficits) I think it's a combination of better muscle tone and maybe a new cognition of what it means to chew.

    I'm new to posting anything here, but will answer any questions you may have.  GL!

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  • Sounds like the surgery went well!! Cheetos - lucky Drake!
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