New Mom to be, searching for suggestions for a female, board certified OBGYN affiliated with NYU. — The Bump
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New Mom to be, searching for suggestions for a female, board certified OBGYN affiliated with NYU.

Hi! I am 6 weeks pregnant and searching for a female board certified OB that is affiliated with NYU and has a practice in the Murray Hill / Gramercy area. Are there any moms who can recommend someone that they are currently going to or that they have used and had a great experience with? THANK YOU!!! :) Danielle

Re: New Mom to be, searching for suggestions for a female, board certified OBGYN affiliated with NYU.

  • I've been going to cityscape OB-GYN, an all female practice for a few years now, on he recommendation of a friend who has children, and I like it there. I' now 13 weeks and have seen 2 different doctors this pregnancy (and another during my regular check up days).  You have to rotate through the practice since you never know who will be on call for delivery. They are on east 32nd street, and deliver at NYU.

    Good Luck!

  • thanks. i just made an appointment at cityscape. i used to go there but stopped and went to a bunch of other doctor's over the last year and a half and i feel the most comfortable there. i went to so many. I hated Dr. Roshan and his office, liked Dr. Jaffe but didn't want to wait an hour or two to see him, liked Scuderi but he doesn't do deliveries, thought Gonzalez was senile and the front desk was terrible, liked Essig but he is a reproductive endocrinologist and doesn't do deliveries. Hopefully it will go well. I was talking to my husband recently and he said that Dr. Rosenberg was the only doctor he liked of all of those we've seen.
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  • Checking back in again, how did it go at cityscape?  I've been having pretty good experience with them, now at 21 weeks, sometimes the appt. wait times are a little long, but other than that so fa so good.
  • I'd also love to know how you rated your experience with Cityscape.  So far I've had 2 appointments with them -- pregnancy confirmation and first ultrasound -- and have my 3rd appointment (the "first OB appt") this week.  To be honest, I'm not thrilled so far.  The wait times have been very long, I've found it hard to get answers to my pretty simple questions to far, and the doctor I first met with didn't seem all that interested in my pregnancy.  She didn't specifically say or do anything terrible, but I got the impression that she wasn't taking my pregnancy seriously yet since I was only several weeks pregnant.  It might just be that doctor, or maybe my expectations are too high, so I'd love to hear what more experienced pregnant moms think!
  • I've been going to Cityscape since about 2007 for my annual exams but now I'm pregnant for the first time. Does anyone have any advice based on their pregnancies? I am planning to use them but I'm only 4 weeks so I'm starting my research in case it doesn't work out. Thanks for any advice! I live in Astoria but it's easy to go to the East side for appointments.
  • Hi -- I'm still with Cityscape, currently in Week 23 of my pregnancy.  When I started looking around at other large practices, it seemed that many patients have the same inconvenient long wait times in many NYC doctor's offices.  Since I already knew them and liked the idea of delivering at NYU, I decided to stay, and I've been pretty happy.
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