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Can anyone recommend a Cornell-Weill OB for a Feb 2013 delivery

Hi Board:

Help! I am 25 weeks, 3 days and had my monthly visit with my OB today up at Columbia Presbyterian. I usually have my visit in midtown but had to see him uptown today. I had originally selected him because I was told he was affiliated with Cornell Weill (which is where I really really want to deliver) but he just told me that I have to deliver at CP uptown. Well, after my visit (and experience with the nursing staff), I am extremely reluctant to give birth there (just a personal preference).

 My dilemma is finding an OB with Cornell who will take me on (I'm due mid-February). I've had zero complications (thank goodness) so I"m not high risk....and I don't love my OB enough to want to stay just for him.

 Can anyone help or give me suggestions? Please? Thanks so much in advance.

Re: Can anyone recommend a Cornell-Weill OB for a Feb 2013 delivery

  • Dr. Dorbrenis - she delivered my baby - wonderful.


    My OB GYN is Dr. Sidney Wu - but it was Dr. Dobrenis that was on call that night so she delivered.

  • I used to go to Dr Dobrenis as my gyn but had to switch b/c of insurance changes but she was so nice and friendly. I'm due April and have been going to Dr Kaufman after being recommended to her by a few people. She's great. Super laid back yet gives you time and answers any questions you have. The staff at her office is also great. My friends that had her as a OB ended up being delivered by Dr Wu at her practice and they said she was also great.
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  • sorry, not Dr Wu, they were delivered by Dr. Jin. In any case, the practice info is here:


    good luck 

  • Dr. Alan Kessler

    131 East 65th Street
    New York, NY 10065
    Phone: (212) 288-1422

    He delivered both my kids (c-sections).  I had very difficult, complicated pregnancies and almost died the first time.  He and his partner literally saved my life.   I can't say enough good things about him.  He was also very mild mannered and kind - I couldn't even be mad when he put me in the hospital for a month on bed rest the second time. 

    As for delivering at Cornell, it's a great choice.  Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time there but the care was terrific.   The first time I was there over a week recovering and the second time I spent over a month.  The nurses were fantastic on both ends of the floor (the regular maternity end as well as the high maintenance end).  If Daisy or Clara are still there, hope you get them - they're terrific!

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