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Pregnancy Announcement Narcissism??

So -- my hubby and I are pregnant again and we sent out the cutest Halloween cards with a pic of our 1-year-old and a pic of our twins sonogram with a cute tag line "Our Pumpkin patch is growing by 2!".

Apparentally, I have gotten feedback that this was narcissistic.   We had not announced the pregnancy to anyone before this, other than his family.   But, even they didn't know that we were having twins and NOT ONE PERSON in the family has congratulated us on the twins.

I feel this is extremely hurtful, but I've been told that it's narcissistic to expect "recognition" for a pregnancy.


Re: Pregnancy Announcement Narcissism??

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    I think it was stupid of them to react that way. That sounds adorable, the way you announced it. Congratulations! It is normal for people to be excited about a pregnancy and for you to expect recognition for it. Don't feel bad, just stick close to the people who actually are supportive.
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    I think that was a really cute idea... Some people have issues with others happiness... Even if its family... 


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    Sometimes people are weird about not being told in person. I think it's rude not to offer congratulations on any pregnancy, twins or not! Sorry you are dealing with this.
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    OMG I think that is an awesome way to share the news! I would be so mad if no one acknowledged it. I am pregnant too and Ill admit a little emotional but I would probably flip out on at least the ppl close to me. Flipping out may be a bit extreme but I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to express your feelings to the people that you had hoped to hear from the most.


    I hope it gets better, and for all those people who didn't respond CONGRATS!!! 

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    THANK YOU!!!
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    I agree w/ the others, that's awful! I would have been incredibly hurt if no one had acknowledged our twin pregnancy and had I been given the response about being narcissistic would have told them to shove their amateur psychology degree somewhere uncomfortable!
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