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Baby's 1st haircut?

DS is 9 months old but has a head full of hair! It's now growing over his ears, so I think a haircut is in order. My hairstylist said she'd do his 1st "haircut" for free. But just curious if there are any fun places for kids to get a haircut in Central PA that's not expensive. A few snips will do him. :) We are in York but I'm willing to go to Hbg area or Lancaster. Otherwise, I guess I'll just take him to my hairstylist. TIA!
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Re: Baby's 1st haircut?

  • I'd love to know where you ended up taking your son! We live in Mt. Wolf so I'm looking for a place in York for my 15 month old son's first trim. I don't trust myself to do a good enough job!
  • Kids Kutters in Lemoyne isnt bad. It is just for kids and decorated. They have a little tv that the kids can watch while getting their hair cut. It was reasonable and they gave you a little card with a bag that holds a lock of their hair.
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