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Doula Recommendations NYC?

Has anyone worked with a doula that they'd recommend? I'm delivering at St. Luke's Roosevelt if that matters. Thanks!

Re: Doula Recommendations NYC?

  • I'm a first time mom considering using a doula and a friend of mine who is one (but is currently taking some time off) gave me a list of names.  I can send them to you if you would like.  I too am delivering at SLR and told her this when I requested the recommendations.  
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  • That would be awesome! Would you PM me if you don't want to post in the thread? Thank you so much!
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  • I sent you a PM.  Hopefully it worked.
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  • Renee Pizzuto ([email protected]). She is amazing. Responsive and patient. I adore her.

     Please note that she lives in Staten Island and so she might be still dealing with the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy.

    Feel free to pm me with any questions.

     Good Luck!



  • Citrouille13: I am on Staten Island as well. I tried to PM but couldn't for some reason. Is Renee reasonably priced?
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  • Hi Audpaud31. I'm so so sorry for not responding. I was buried with work in December and this is the first time I"ve been back online. You can email me at [email protected] Happy to answer any questions you may have.

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