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Buffalo car seat inspection

According to seatcheck.org the options for getting the seat checked within a reasonable distance are in NT days before my EDD (third Saturday of the month), OP at the scheduling mercy of some woman who seems to be very,very busy with Sandy cleanup (in OP) or in Clarence with the NYSP which I originally assumed was closer to Akron.

Has anyone done this already or know of an undisclosed certified checkpoint I can go to in the next week?  Btw I live in the city. I'm confident that I can follow the directions of my seat and my car, but I want to be sure that we're all set.  

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Re: Buffalo car seat inspection

  • My understanding has always been that you can go to your local police department and they can do it as well. I'd call them and check. 

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  • My apologies for not opening with that. That was also my understanding from everything that everyone has every told me including my prepared childbirth instructor on Tuesday. Unfortunately inspections aren't offered at any of the city precincts. 
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  • I also live in Buffalo (city) and had the same problem as you. I ended up getting mine checked at Destination Maternity by the Galleria Mall. They were doing an all day event there but you had to make an appt. I didn't get it done until after DS was born :/

    I was calling Amherst and Cheektowaga for appts but kind of got the run around 

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  • Call the Buffalo Fire Department.  I know that some of their firefighters are trained.  If you're calling the Buffalo Police Dept. call the Training Dept. at headquarters (74 Franklin).  Not sure if they will do it but it's your best bet.
  • Thx guys. I actually got a call back from the OP police today for an appt on Thursday. Apparently they are done with Sandy cleanup.  

    I'd much rather go to DM or one of the fire stations instead of the 32 minute drive to OP on Thursday. Oh we'll, it's down to crunch time now. 

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