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How many weeks and how are you feeling? Sorry if TMI

HI everyone! I was wondering how you are all feeling? Any new symptoms?  I will be 5 weeks tomorrow, and still get crampy here and there as well as lots of gas and some diarrhea (sorry TMI). I also noticed yesterday that I have less heartburn.  My boobs feel a little bigger and my nipples are always hard!! lol They are usually soft.  Besides that.. I feel pretty good.  How about you?

Re: How many weeks and how are you feeling? Sorry if TMI

  • 7 1/2 weeks here.  Feel exhausted, boobs hurt on and off, moody, headaches, joint in my hands hurt, ears plugged, stomach feels soft....and the list goes on.  The only good thing is , NO sign of MS yet !!
  • Tired, sore/stiff, and nipple pain when DS nurses. 
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  • I am 8w4d and my symptoms consist of MS (more like ALL day sickness), tired, VERY sore and swollen boobs (this is probably the WORST pain thus far), constipation, gas, and fatigue.  I am also have wacked out dreams and have been pee'ing a ton more than usual.  Oh, and absolutely zero sex drive (poor husband).  My stomach is bloated, to the point where my pants no longer button (but they fit everywhere else).  I had to purchase the belly band already!

    Other than that, I guess I am doing well.  I honestly expected more fatigue.  Sure, I have my days, but it seemed worse the 6th & 7th week, than it does now.  Same with the morning sickness, although that changes day to day.

    In my 5th week, I had a REALLY bad sinus infection.  Although the infection part has gone away, I still have a ton of mucus and am blowing my nose constantly. I heard this is a symptom.  Seems like EVERYTHING is happening to me haha.


  • Most of my symptoms come and go, the ones that stay are the fatigue,dizzy spells,frequent urination and my back is stiff. Nausea is a day by day thing.
  • I am 10 weeks. I am super tired all day and my back has been so sore. My boobs tingle but not bad. I still get nauseous in the mornings. Some days I throw up. Some days I just dry heave. I just have to keep something on my stomach at all times. I also have to pee all the time. I have a 30 lb 21 month old so carrying him around probably isn't helping my back. I used to have dizzy spells around 8 weeks. Those have cleared up thankfully.
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  • Hey Amanda! Congrats!  I think that I'm about 5 weeks as well, going to my first OB appt this afternoon!  I have the EXACT same symptoms you have along with frequent urination and nausea off and on which makes me eat ALL day long now :)
  • 8 weeks tomorrow with number 3! I've been exhausted, and the nausea has gotten especially bad this week. Threw up twice yesterday... ugh! Hopefully that will end in the next week or so. Other than that, boobs are sore and I've got a head cold... lol. Looking forward to feeling better soon! 
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  • I turned 10 weeks yesterday. No sickness so far. Just hungry at night, big sore boobs especially when I wake up. They feel like two sacks of potatoes. I had heartburn for the first time last night but it wasn't anything I could not bear. That's about it. Congrats to all of you ladies.
  • 8 weeks - feel like crap, though it comes and goes.

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  • Starving all the time, sore boobs off and on, and emotional.  I cried watching TLC today. Huh?

     I'm almost 5 weeks.

  • I'm 12 weeks and I am feeling horrible.  I've had horrible morning sickness since just around 6 weeks and it's just as bad as ever.  I'm also starting to get dizzy after standing up for too long.  I'm exhausted and sleep about 15 hours a day.  I have no energy at all and it seems as if I'm either getting sick or sleeping.  Hopefully it gets better soon.
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    Hey Amanda! Congrats!  I think that I'm about 5 weeks as well, going to my first OB appt this afternoon!  I have the EXACT same symptoms you have along with frequent urination and nausea off and on which makes me eat ALL day long now :)


    Yay I found a friend! lol I haven't talked to anyone else that is 5 weeks. I also have frequent urination, especially during the early morning and at night. Sometimes I run to the bathroom! Almost like a bladder infection. No nausea for me except for the heartburn. If I don't eat I think I am going to pass out or my throat is burning! Good luck at your appointment and if you don't mind let me know how it goes!! My email is [email protected]    GL and congrats!!

  • I am 7.5 weeks and very low energy, I could sleep all day. I also have constant mild nausea and need to keep my belly full with small things throughout the day although most foods do not appeal to me right now and every day is different in terms of what I does or doesn't gross me out. I also have lower back pain pretty bad.


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  • I am 8w3d and have MS alllll day.. I feel queasy but no barfing. Some food sounds good but not much of an appetite when I think about food, but, Im hungry alll the time. I was drinking water a lot a few weeks ago but now it makes my stomach hurt or makes me sick... I can only stomach juice. My boobs are heavy like weights, Im tired with no energy. Very lightheaded and dizzy.  But..overall, I am loving it! Happy to be a mommy soon :)

    Congrats ladies

  • Only 4 weeks 2 days, but I'm feeling good so far! Just sore breasts and I literally want to eat the world.. Fingers crossed I get off easy.. when my sister was preg she was pretty much on her death bed and I know my mom was the same with both myself and my sister when she was pregnant....
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  • 7 weeks and I feel great.  Haven't had anything unpleasant this whole pregnancy (knock on wood).
  • Almost 15 weeks.

    I feel fine for the most part. Definitely more energy than a few weeks ago. Still a little nauseous and I definitely am starting to get heartburn.



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  • hiii! I am 4 ish weeks! having little cramps here and there, vERY gasy! nipples are very sensitive, and boobs sore, moody and soooo hungry, i just finished a whole Top Ramen and  im hungry again! 
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