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Name opinions

We've sort of settled on names.  DH has always had issues making big decisions, so he still wants to do more "research."  What do you ladies think?

Boy - Emmett William

Girl - Liana Rose

Re: Name opinions

  • Emmet sounds sort of "country" to me.  Butttt I don't think that is necesarily a bad thing.  I have a Travis!

    I have never heard the name Liana.  I am sort of neutral on that but I think it could grow on me. 


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  • My DH is in love with Emmett!  :)  I'm liking it more, but my only concern is the tie to the Twilight series. lol  

     I think Liana is pretty! 

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  • I like them both! Emmett is really great! Is Liana pronounced like Leanna? Just want to make sure I'm getting it right! :)

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  • Liana Rose is beautiful! Great choice!
    Emmett William is a little different, but I like it. 
  • Emmett is at the top of our boy's list right now so I like it!!
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  • I love William as a first or middle, as well as Liam. Emmett I'm not too crazy about though. I'm not sure what it is for me. Liana is pretty. As far as Rose, I like to stay away from Rose and Grace as middle names (even though they are cute) since that's pretty much the norm, popular middle names now, or used as fillers since they go well with everything. Lianna Rose does sound nice together though! I'm saying Lianna like Li-AH-na, is that right? Or Li-ANNE-uh?

      Name picking is hard! :)

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  • I really like Emmett, but I'm also wondering how you pronounce liana! I'm saying it Liahnuh and I think that's pretty!
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  • I knew a girl named Liana. It was pronounced Leanna.

    I like both names
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  • I really like both names!
  • I LOVE Liana Rose :) Emmett William is nice, too - I'm just a fan of all the cute girl names!
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  • I love both names, I think they both sound fine :)
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  • I loved Emmett until someone reminded me it was a character in Twilight:( I think both names are great:)
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  • Liana is pronounced lee-ah-nah (think italian/spanish vowels).  And yes Rose is very popular for a middle name, but it's my and my grandma's middle name so it's very special to me.  I always wanted to pass our name down to my daughter.

     I've considered the Twilight connection with Emmett, but it doesn't really bother me.  I haven't mentioned it to DH cuz I'm afraid he'll nix it and it took soooo long to agree on a boy's name, haha!  As for William, we like that name but hate it shortened down to Will, which is why we thought it would be a nice middle name. 

    For a boy, we want a strong/not too unique name.  I think it's better for boys in the long run, whereas with girls I like unique/pretty names.

  • I think both of your names are quite lovely
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  • I love both!

    Liana is on my list :) Love both names!!!!! 



    Baby boy due April 30th!!!!!
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