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Bladder infection

Ok so forgive my rant, but I'm sick and Whiney and uncomfortable. I went into the ER on Saturday night even had to pull the finace away from the world series to take me because I was crampy with spotting earlier in the week. When I get there I tell them I have chronic UTIs and that's what it felt like to me. So they test my urine and do an US all is well and end up giving me a shot of rhogam early because they thought that's what the spotting was from. On Monday my two year old started vomitting and I was quick to follow. I didn't know whether to blame the tummy bug or MS. I started running a fever and feeling really achy and since I was vomiting so much I went into the Er again last night. They ran my urine again and sure enough it was full of bacteria and blood. Now I'm in pain and normally I could take pain killers and use a heating pad. But sice im preggo i use tylenol sparingly. Ive had several bouts of kidney infections and stones so I'm glad I finally got a dr to listen to me last night and we caught it early and treated me with a shot of antibiodics my arms are sore from all the shots now :/ I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow in the AM. I'm just in so much pain and feel so much worse today than yesterday. I'm worried about having to be admitted since I have two DDs at home already. Has anyone else experienced this? Have any home remedies for relief? TIA!!

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