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pregnancy and BF'ing (possible stupid ?)

I have charted 2 cycles, and based on my charts, I definitely ovulated.  I am still nursing DS once a day.  My questions is this: Can BF'ing still hinder your chances of getting pregnant even if you are ovulating?  

I have heard that some women have to completely wean before they can get pregnant again.  Does anyone have experience with this?




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Re: pregnancy and BF'ing (possible stupid ?)

  • Considering a ton of people nurse while pregnant myself included and nurse two at a time I'll say no. But I don't know if its x harder for implantation, etc but I can't imagine why it would be. I was nursing about three sessions a day when I got pregnant and had had two periods.
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  • My sister got pregnant 2 times while BFing and never had gotten her period back. So theory would state first time she ovulated in both cases she got pregnant. The first time her oldest was 11 months and the second time my nephew was 13 months.
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  • it might be a bit harder for implantation as progesterone levels maybe high even if you are ovulating. I would still use some form of BC if you are trying to avoid though. And I got pregnant with my second and third children while still  nursing their siblings
  • Yes, BF'ing can definitely hinder you from getting pregnant. The prolactin your body produces when nursing can inhibit progesterone production. Progesterone is needed to line the uterus and keeps you from having AF too early. If your progesterone level is low, your luteal phase will be short and your body will shed the lining of the uterus before implantation has had time to take place. It's not uncommon for women who BF to have short luteal phases, which can keep you from getting pregnant.

    If it's determined that you do have low progesterone, your OB may prescribe progesterone supplements, which you can start taking 3 days after ovulation.

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