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temping right before bfp

Hi ladies-

I recently started temping (and am not pregnant right now) and am just curious if anyone was temping right before they got their bfp?  I am wondering what your temps were in the days leading up to your bfp?

I know there's a range of "normal" that varies from person to person, but I'm new to this and am just curious as to others' experiences.



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Re: temping right before bfp

  • You can look at my chart in my signature. I also temped a few days after and here and there just for piece of mind.
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  • I thought my chart was going to go triphasic but I had a lot of open circles, too.  I stopped temping after my BFP.  
  • Thanks for the feedback ladies.  It was helpful to look at charts!
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  • Hi,

    I pretty much stopped temping after I got my BFP, but here is my chart for that cycle. It was actually the first month I started temping, so it's the only chart I had.  Hope that helps!


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  • My BFP chart is in my siggy as well. It looks a lot like the BFN chart before it, though....

    ETA: There are differences, of course, but the range of temps *before* I got my BFP was about the same - they didn't really go up and stay up until after my first positive test.  

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  • Here's mine, with a BFP at 10DPO.
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