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Breast Pump Question - Your Thoughts on this Brand?

Hello All! 

 This is my first time posting on this board - I'm a FTM and I plan to exclusively breast feed for at least 6 months - but my long term goal is 12 months :). My shower was over the weekend and I was gifted a Playtex Double Electric Breast Pump (this same one: ).  I was planning on using my friend's old Medela as she has just recently weaned her LO, (and just replace the tubing) and was so floored when my Aunt gifted me with this one.  I am very appreciative of her thoughtful gesture but saw mixed reviews on the pump. 

Have any of you ladies used this pump? What were the pros and cons you found with it?

 Many thanks in advance for your advice and input!


Re: Breast Pump Question - Your Thoughts on this Brand?

  • I'm also a SAHM and use this pump for relief bottles. I used it for DD1 and now for DD2. Its great for occasional use, I've had no problems, very comfortable and easy to clean, but I'd get a different one if you're gonna pump more than occasionally.
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  • Just a thought, if it's not something you are comfortable returning or have problems with the receipt etc, keep it at work as a back up pump.

    We have all forgotten our pump, parts, or both at one point or another. A reliable back up would have been nice to have.
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  • Don't use someone else's pump! My sister gave me her medela and luckily I did the research and decided not to use it. Keep your pump!

    Even medela advises against it
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