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Empty Sac on first US? Anyone have this?

Hi Ladies,

 This is my third time at the rodeo so I thought we'd tackle what ever comes our way but last week, at my 8 week scan, we got a crazy surprise.  First was that the baby was measuring small at only 6w3d but with a strong HB. Second was that there was a second sac that was the same size as the sac for the first baby.  The second sac appears to be empty so the doc said it was likely vanishing twin syndrome and not to worry about the health of the other baby too much. 

We were so caught up in the excitement over the little baby that we didn't even question the VTS tentative diagnosis for its twin. We're due back for a US in a few days to check on things and we assumed it is for the baby since it is measuring small. As we've shared the twin's information with people, we're starting to hear stories about not-so-empty sacs when the scans are too early.

Has anyone experienced a situation where an early scan showed an empty sac? What was the outcome?

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Re: Empty Sac on first US? Anyone have this?

  • Dear 117ict10,  I have experienced an empty sac at a 12-week ultrasound.  The OB (which I no longer have) said it looks like the fetus died, she did an internal US, and found no heartbeat.  She advised that if I do not miscarry/bleed out the fetus naturally in a couple weeks that she would prescribe pills.  About a week later I went through a brief labor, lost a mucous plug, and bled out the placenta with a fetus. Went in to confirm with the OB.  All she did was feel around my stomach and said this is it and dismissed me.  Well a the next day I went through labor again, and bled out another placenta and fetus.  Decided to go to another OB in the ER and they also confirmed placenta and fetus.  I lost twins.

     I feel for you.  I'm here if you need to chat.

  • Thanks ladies for the info and support.

    As I said in my post, we're very excited for what appears to be a thriving baby who's a little younger than we thought but are feeling increasingly anxious about tomorrow's scan since it will show if the baby is in fact thriving and what the outcome for the twin will be. 

    I spoke to my doc this morning and he said that my numbers were high at the appointment which could indicate two healthy babies or a healthy baby and a empty sac that my body hasn't quite acknowledged as empty so we know just as little now as we did last week. But, he assured me that if it's still ambiguous tomorrow, they would start monitoring my blood work and would do a US per week until it's clear how many babies there are.

    Thanks to my Google-foo, it seems like the twin could still go either way - especially if the baby is truly as early as it appeared.  Since most posts I found didn't follow up and share the outcome, I'll be sure to post an update.

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  • I have not had this but my sister did with her last pregnancy.  She went in at 10 weeks or so and their was 1 baby with HB and 2nd sac that was empty.  They monitored her closely the 1st trimester and then after that like a regular pregnancy.  She delivered a healthy baby girl.

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  • As promised, an update:

    The baby shown last week grew as expected, HB is strong at 158bpm.  The twin is showing identical to the first baby in gestational age and also has a 158bpm hb.

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