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are you strict with naps?

Do you guys compromise on LO's naps (if you have a set schedule)? If there is an activity going on and it's happening around/during DD's nap, I will usually pass on it. Today, the local kid's indoor playground was having a Halloween party from 9-12 am. I really wanted to take DD, especially because the weather is going to be so crappy tonight, I am sure we won't do much in the way of trick-or-treating. However, DD usually naps around 9:30 for about an hour. I didn't want to risk an overtired baby, so I passed on the party. I have also passed on signing up for a library story time that happens during naptime. I thought I would be able to find another session that's timing would work out better for us, but I haven't so far.

 So anyway, my question is, how often do you compromise the naptime and what is important enough to you to do this for? Everyone else keeps telling me that kids are flexible and I should just do it. I don't know. I am kind of bummed that I didn't take her to the Halloween party now.


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Re: are you strict with naps?

  • Depends. If it is something lame like errands I work around naps. However, if it is something else I do it. For example we go to baby class on Mondays and it messes with our schedule however it's totally worth it and he just adjusts.

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  • I am not "strict" with naps or bed time necessarily. Yes, I'd prefer that he get his naps in and prefer that he get to bed as close to a normal time as possible.  However, it doesn't always happen and I don't feel like it's the end of the world if he doesn't.  The good thing for us is that he's not "too" crabby if he misses a nap or doesn't get his nap out.  The good thing is, he'll sleep more the next day. 

    When would I compromise?  I would've gone to the Halloween party this morning, if it was me.  It would've been in the middle of nap time.  What I try to do is at least get him started on the nap and if I have to wake him up to go, I will.  Again, he's not too crabby.  Tonight, we won't be home for normal bed time as we're going trick or treating with my sister and her friends and their kids.  It's a 45 minute drive to where we're going so I'm sure there's no way we'll be home by bed time. usually falls right in the middle of nap time.  I don't always go to church, but if I do, I usually have to wake him up to go.  He'll usually get in a 30 minute cat nap during church.  Monday was my mom's day with him.  She had to wake him from his morning nap so she could take my grandmother home (she had spent the weekend at our house).  And he didn't get a nap the rest of the day.  Needless to say he went to bed early, and slept good for naps yesterday.  So, again, I'm flexible with it, but don't think it needs to be done on any kind of frequent basis.

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  • I'm not strict at all. Naps are all over the place. But I always put Nat down when she starts to get tired and even a little before that. Part of the time, I pay attention to the clock so every 2.5 to 3 hours from when she last wakes up. The rest just depends on how she is doing.

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  • I'm usually strict with naps.  I work our baby classes and activities around his nap schedule.  I won't go to anything that I think will throw him off.  On the weekends, if we have something special going on, that's fine, but during the week I really try not to mess with the nap schedule. If I know there will be a day where his schedule will be compromised, I try to make sure he at least gets his morning nap. For example, Saturday  my SIL got married.  DS came to the church and then my parents were going to take him home for his second nap. My MIL insisted he come to cocktail hour ( yup, just the place for an 8 month old) and he ended up being really cranky for my brother, who took care of him while we were at the wedding.    Sleep or lack thereof is very indicative of my LO's mood. 
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  • Not really, but I probably should be more strict than I am.  When he starts getting really fussy, or it's obvious that he is tired, then I do try to put him down whenever possible. But I don't as a rule pass on things becauase they might conflict with his naps, especially when his naptimes are all over the map anyway.
  • I'm not strict on naps or bedtime either. Luckily for us though ds will sleep whenever, wherever, however, and even if theres lots of noise or people around he will still sleep so it doesn't matter where we are.
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  • Why didn't you take her after naptime if it was from 9 12?

    I am strict on normal days, but I have found that this helps her. On special days she can be off and then easily get back pn schedule. She usually naps at 10 and 2. Sometimes there is a concert at the library at 10:30. I have put her in stroller at 9:20, which I know puts her to sleep, walked to and near library for awhile which forced an early nap, the woke her at 10:30. She just took a slightly early but long afternoon nap and was back on schedule.
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  • My little man doesn't even have a schedule, I never really was sure how to put him on one because I can't make him sleep,; I just let him sleep when he wants. However, when he is sleeping I won't go out anywhere. Right now I'm missing taking him "ToTing" at the mall with some other moms because he fell asleep :(. I feel bad cause I'll often cancle plans, but I don't want to wake him up. 
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  • They don't nap at specific times, but I always make sure they have time for at least one solid nap. If its for a good reason I'll adjust naps and bedtimes (such as when we had a family weekend to go to) but if not I'm a stickler about it. My sister is currently annoyed at me because I wouldn't take the girls to go TOT with her and my nephew. They were going to a place 45 minutes away from us and didn't leave to go until 6:45. The girls were cranky starting at 6:30 and were in before 7, and to me there's no point in bringing two 9 month olds TOT when they can't actually TOT, will likely be crying, and won't remember any of it. We went Sunday afternoon with the girls and my nephew (completely screwed up a nap for that day, but it was fun) and that was plenty for me for this year. We try to schedule play dates in between naps. There's a lot that we miss right now and we don't get together with other babies as much as I would like but sleep is important and they'll only be little for so long. Hopefully in a few months they'll move to one nap and we can do more.  

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  • I'm not strict at all. Daily errands I will work around because those can be done anytime, but something like his Friday story time at the library and fun events, I'll compromise. Eli tends to bounce back easily and even if he is tired when we're out, he doesn't fuss.
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  • I'm flexible on the morning nap, mainly because I have DD. I work part time, so on days I'm home I need to get her out of the house or we get cabin fever. Since I know that they will both nap after lunch for a few hours, that leaves the morning for us to get out. We'll usually do the grocery store on one of the days and library story time on another. DS is just along for the ride on those days. Getting DD to the library story time is important to me now that she's old enough to sing along, listen to stories, and talk with the librarians. She really looks forward to that and I wouldn't deny her that experience just so DS could nap at home.

     If it's something that I can schedule around, then I do. 

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