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S/O Halloween and age-appropriateness...

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How old were you when you started trick-or-treating without an adult?

I think I was seven or eight when I started going only with friends.  I lived in Leave It to Beaver land, though.

Re: S/O Halloween and age-appropriateness...

  • About 10.  I was in Leave it to Beaver too!
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  • I don't remember.  My best friend's birthday is Halloween so we always went in her neighborhood in a big group.  I couldn't tell you when her mom stopped following us around. 
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  • We also lived in a very small town family friendly neighborhood. I don't quite remember, but I think I was maybe 9? 3rd or 4th grade.
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  • Ten? Maybe nine. Not sure.
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  • I can never remember trick or treating without my parents. My family would go together, but my parents also drove us to aunts, grandparents, family friends, etc. We didn't do a whole lot of trick or treating in the neighborhood.
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  • I was probably 7 or 8. We lived in a terrible neighborhood. 

    eta: I was also allowed to run around all day with no supervision. And we were poor and often had no home phone. Parenting fail. 

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  • I think I was 11 when my parents let me take my little brother by ourselves. (He was 6.) I took him trick or treating until I left for college when he was 13. I was probably way too old, but whatever, I always had a costume.
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  • I think 3rd grade, but maybe it was 2nd.  teeny tiny small town, knew everyone in every house for blocks.  we would also go out and TP afterwards.  delinquent from elementary school on, yeah!  My sister still lives in same small town and still goes out TPing on weekends, and she's 40.
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  • 7 or 8, and I lived in Detroit (though in a good neighborhood, we did have 'em!).

    That seems to be the age that groups of kids start at around here too.

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  • Maybe around 10 or 11?  But I have a brother who was 7yrs younger than me, and I think my parents came more for him when he was younger than to supervise me per say.  But, once I was old enough for them to feel comfortable letting him tag along with me by ourselves we did (he was maybe 3 or 4??).  We lived on an AFB though, which, I guess could be considered "safer" than some other neighborhoods. 

    I think I was in middle school (and my brother around 7 or 8) when we would go our "separate ways" when trick or treating.  We were always in a giant group of friends though, which is why I think it felt safer for our parents. 

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  • Never.  I was 8 yo when my mom found Jesus & therefore Halloween was the debil.

  • I don't remember my parents ever going with. I went with big brother. I probably started when I was 5 or 6 and he was 8 or 9?


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  • 5th grade.

    I also remember my dad being out with us prior to that, but staying a few houses away from us.  I don't remember how old I was then.

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