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First appt tomorrow

I'm so nervous about tomorrow's first Ob appointment. I'm torn between keeping myself busy or resting. Should I bake pumpkin muffins or sit on the couch? My fear is that something will be wrong with this longawaited pregnancy. I'm googling every symptom and dreaming about every possible outcome. I told myself that I wouldn't torture myself this pregnancy. My toddler is beautiful and smart, yet I worried myself silly the entire pregnancy. I think I'm going to make myself a nutella smoothies to make myself feel better.
Future Mrs.

Re: First appt tomorrow

  • keep your mind off it just a little and relax. the first appointment was amazing for me. this is my first pregnancy so i worry about everything to but i got to see/hear the heartbeat and it made everything seems so real and it calmed me a little.

    Goodluck with you appointment and let us know how everything goes!


  • I feel your pain. I have my first appointment tomorrow as well. Nervous and so scared that something will not be right. It is my first pregnancy so everything is amplified. I will feel ten times better after 2 pm tomorrow :. Keep me posted on how everything goes!!!
  • Well, the doctor said that I'm not as far along as I thought. I ovulated late, so I'm only 5 weeks prego! I didn't get to see the baby, yet, because it's too soon to show up. So, he scheduled another ultrasound in 10 days. Today's ultrasound did show the sac, and he said it was healthy and normal. I googled information about ultrasounds at 5 weeks, so I was reassured. I'll be REAL reassured in 10 days! Good luck in your appointments!
    Future Mrs.
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