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breastfeeding and intro

Hi ladies I was on the August 2012 board and totally dropped off the charts once my son was born! He is 12 weeks now and I am so in love with his! Breastfeeding has been a whole new experience that I adore, but I have some issues arising and was hoping someone might have some answers. 
My son has acid reflux by the way but here are some issues: 
Fusses at the breast 
Latches and unlatches 
will randomly refuse a breast switches which breast 
Falls asleep at the.breast
Seems fine when he gets a bottle which is once a week
Thank you in advance
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Re: breastfeeding and intro

  • Is he on meds for his reflux? Besides meds, make sure you burp him really well. You can use a boppy or prop pillows under him so his head is higher than his feet when nursing. And keep him upright for 20 min after feedings.

    Try changing his diaper mid feeding, to wake him up. You can also touch a damp wash cloth to his feet, tickle his feet/back/ears, strip him down to his diaper, etc.
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