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Funny Halloween blog post

Happy Halloween everyone.

 This is my favorite blog to follow.  I just saw her Halloween post from last year and had to share it with all of you. 

I have big plans to be a "good parent" tonight and "help" my daughter eat her candy.  :)


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Re: Funny Halloween blog post

  • That is so funny, thanks for sharing!


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  • Isn't that when Halloween rocks again? When you're a parent and you get to eat your child's candy? Smile
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  • Haha, I love that blog. So funny.

    Halloween rocks all the time! Cause even before you have kids, you buy the candy you love and then eat it all before Halloween even comes. Lol, that may or may not be what we did this time and DH may or may not have to go to Wegmans tonight to get more. Embarrassed

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