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Anyone else hungry all the time???

I wake up STARVING - & I feel sick at the same time - so I immediately have to eat toast.  Then I have breakfast at work.  2 hours later I'm so hungry - I mean my hunger has gone to the next level in the past week of so.  I feel like I'm going to die if I don't eat!!  and then in a few hours I'm a little hungry again!  I swear, I forgot everything about pregnancy with DS, I don't remember being this hungry so early on...  Anyone else around 7 weeks & starving?

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Re: Anyone else hungry all the time???

  • I'm now 9 weeks 5 days and have felt the same way since week 7. Its like I eat and 2 hours later am hungry again. I teach all day so lunch is usually at 12, then by 3:30 I'm dying and usually go until at least 5 or 6 before I'm finished with the day. I try to keep nuts or granola bars around to much on or saltines if I'm feeling icky.

    For the nausea, get ginger candy chews - just 1 will do it, you feel so much better and then hungry. A friend turned me onto them, you can get a huge bag at most co-ops or natural food stores for probably $8 or less. 



  • Yep - started for me around week 6, and hasn't stopped. I just try to make sure to have several healthy snack options on hand, and snack about every 2 hours. My desk looks like a grocery shelf...
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  • ME!  And it doesn't help that there is a huge basket of candy in the work kitchen!


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  • Glad I'm not alone!! =) I tried anything ginger-related when I was pg with DS - & now I have a total aversion to it - it actually makes me feel sick..  =(  

    With DS I gained about 50 lbs - I don't want to gain as much this time around, but with all this eating who knows!  (Luckily I did lose it all thanks to b/fing..)  It's just crazy how my hunger has gone to the next level - before I was pg I wasn't that hungry at all....

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  • YES! It started for me about week three or so.  I was on progesterone pills (600mg a day) and that only made it worse. My doctor said that it is completely normal.  Just try to eat something every two hours and do not eat big meals. 

    I didnt suffer from crippling morning sickness so I packed on 10lbs from the fertility drugs and first trimester hunger! Hoping second trimester is better! LOL!

    Best of luck everyone!

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  • Ooooo oooooo ME!!!! When I get hungry I feel like my stomach is trying to eat its self! The only problem is I can never decide on what sounds good enough to eat! There are not many option here in town but even in my personal work kitchen the stuff that I have stocked just doesn't appeal to me. With DD I ate cereal all the time!!! Loved Honey Bunches of Oats. That was the one thing I ate daily and craved it but I haven't found anything yet.
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  • I am hungry all the time and with my first son that did not really go away until I was in the middle of my 2nd tri, then I was hungry all the time again in 3rd tri.
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  • I also often don't have a 'taste' for anything - then I"ll make something for the next day & it looks disgusting...  so strange!
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  • Yep! I have to eat every two hours like clock work or im dizzy and sick! Eat small things and try to eat healthy:
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  • I feel the same way! I will eat and 2 hours later, I am hungry again. But I am sick and nothing sounds good. But I know I need to eat something or I will fee even sicker! I don't remember this with my last pregnancy either...
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  • I'm only 4 weeks and I need to eat every 2 hours!
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  • I wake up starving and feel like I haven't eaten for days, even just a few hours after I eat a big meal. I swear I'm starting to get funny looks from people when we go out to eat, like how in the world is she eating all of that food???

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  • I'm just over 4 weeks... just found out less than a week ago and let's just say food is my every thought right now... I'm literally eating double as much as I did before I found it. And it all tastes so much than it did before.
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