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9 weeks 3 days.. symptoms

I have had horrible MS all day from 6 weeks until last week or so I've started to feel a little better... Still vomit every morning but not Like I was and my boobs aren't as sore.... I'm kinda worried, is this normal?
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Re: 9 weeks 3 days.. symptoms

  • yes - welcome to pregnancy!  With DS I had m/s for the first 5 months..  threw up about 2-3x/week, but very sick every morning.  It was fun.  Everyone's different - I noticed my symptoms changing every week.
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  • Yup. I'm 9 weeks too, and I have good days and bad days. 

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  • I started to feel better around the same time as you. Beware - at the start of my 11th week it came back with a vengeance! Back to hugging the toilet :( 

    But to answer your question - it's all normal. ENJOY your good days!  

  • Definitely comes and goes.
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  • I'm at 12 weeks and have never felt the "sore boobs" either. They do appear to feel warmer though. Try eating crackers or wafers before getting out of bed. That helped me ease the nausea which can cause vomiting.
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