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FREEZING! I have had a chill forever, no matter how high I turn the heat up or how many blankets I wrap around myself I'm still chilly. Is this a pregnancy thing or am I just cold :

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  • It can be a pregnancy thing.... I am FREEZING, but mainly due to the fact that we still have no power from Sandy.... and it's COLD OUT! But we are hitting up our friends if power doesn't come back today. BUT, before we lost power I was cold a lot...even right before I got my BFP.
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  • yes, I seem to always be cold and pre-pregnnacy I was always the one that was hot!

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  • My hands and feet are ice cold all the time regardless of the number blankets I have piled on!  I am a NICU nurse, and I am pretty sure my little patients do not appreciate my chilly fingers!
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