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UTI and didn't know it!

I am slightly concerned about this! I took my first urine sample last Thursday 10/25/12 and my OB's office just called me yesterday 10/30/12 to tell me I had a UTI.  I am 6 weeks along and had no idea I even had one.  They immediately prescribed an antibiotic, but I am just baffled they didn't call me sooner.  Now I am concerned this can have negative effects on my pregnancy.  
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Re: UTI and didn't know it!

  • I think you should be ok, with my first I had strep throat I know it's not a UTI andy son was fine. I also had yeast infections throughout my pregnancy.
  • The negative affect it can have on your pregnancy is turning into a kidney infection which, in turn, could cause preterm labor. If you didn't even know you had a UTI you aren't anywhere near having a kidney infection. You'll be fine.
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  • I stayed with them during my second pregnancy and my DS2 is a healthy 2 year old.

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  • I had one also at 9 weeks - no symptoms either. My doctor said it wasn't a bad one at all. I was prescribed Macrobid x 10 days. It did make me dizzy/tired. 
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  • My OB found some white blood cells in my urine as well.  She said that I had a slight UTI and prescribed me antibiotics to take for a week.  I had no idea I had one either.  However, after taking the antibiotics I've noticed that I am not running to the bathroom as frequent. Better to be safe then sorry!  My doc said as long as it's treated now you'll have no future problems.  
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  • You'll be fine. It's common when you are pregnant to have a UTI with no symptoms. Just be glad they caught it. I had a UTI progress into a kindey infection, and I didn't realize it untill I was so sick I was vomiting for 24 hours. With DD, I went to the hospital for contractions and dehydration at around 28 weeks. Turns out it was a bad kidney infection. Baby was born at fullterm and was fine.

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